Difference between European and American hardware bathroom
Difference between European and American hardware bathroom

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Finding the distinctions between America and Europe is humorous. There are many cuisines, cultures, and even bathroom facilities. Understanding the variations in toilets and bathrooms, kitchen faucet manufacturer amenities that may be found across Europe would be very helpful for facility managers. Some of these variations can prompt you to reconsider your building's restrooms and be motivated to alter the experience completely.

The top distinctions between toilets in the US and Europe are shown below.

Use of Water & Flushing

Bathroom accessories supplier When it's time to flush, American toilets have a single handle. Although the feature functions perfectly, you might be interested in some of the European flushing variants. The older toilets used in European bathrooms have a pull chain fixed around the toilet that the user must pull to flush.

Sanitation Following Use

In America, stalls have attached toilet paper dispensers so that users can clean themselves after using the restroom. While toilet paper is available for sanitation in Europe, most foreign residents use the bidet to clean one after using the bathroom.

Bathroom Types

The typical toilet bowl and urinal are available in restrooms in America, but there are a few different options in Europe. Squat toilets are holes in the floor common in southern and eastern Europe. The toilets in the rest of Europe are comparable to those in America.

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