How To Buy Ceramic Wash Basin?

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Buy ceramic wash basin:

   1. Glaze finish, brightness

  When purchasing, first of all, just like the ordinary white ceramic washbasin, we must pay attention to the glaze finish and brightness. It can be viewed from the side of the ceramic in multiple angles under strong light. A good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, trachoma and air bubbles. The surface is very smooth; the reflection of light is good and uniform; you can also use the hand on the surface Touch gently, the hand feels very smooth and delicate. Good glazed surface has excellent finish and brightness, pure color, not easy to hang dirt and dirt, easy to clean, and still shine as new after long-term use.

   2. Water absorption index

   Water absorption rate is an index to judge the ability of ceramic products to adsorb and permeate water. It is understood that after water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will expand to a certain extent, which is easy to cause the glaze on the ceramic surface to crack due to the expansion. It can be seen that the lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality of ceramic products. According to the relevant national water absorption standards, sanitary ceramics with a water absorption rate of less than 3% are high-grade ceramics. When purchasing, you should pay more attention to the manufacturer's instructions, and try to choose products with low water absorption.

   3. Craftsmanship, pattern, color

  Most high-end hand-painted washbasins use underglaze color ceramic technology, which is also the best ceramic technology at present, so pay attention to distinguish when buying, to prevent unscrupulous dealers from posing as underglaze colors on the glaze, so as to be fake. Underglaze decoration focuses on freehand brushwork, must be drawn by hand, not printed, decals, and the color must be bright.


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