How to choose a kitchen faucet?

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How to choose a kitchen faucet?

Most people have headaches for choosing the kitchen faucet, especially for young people who don't have much experiences in choosing kitchen products. It is necessary to have both good-looking and practical convenience. I will share the knowledge of kitchen tap selection.

When choosing a kitchen faucet, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The kitchen faucet is also divided into different manifestation of styles and colors, we especially need to pay attention to match it with the kitchen sink.

2. At present, the materials of kitchen faucets are mainly brass and stainless steel 304. Brass materials can kill bacteria. SS304 is lead free, much more healthy.

3. The water outlet control of the faucet is mainly manual control, Watersino use the ceramic cartridge from Kerox/Citec which can be used for 1,000,000 times without leaking that means the kitchen faucet can be used for more than 15 years.

ceramic cartridge

4. The size of the faucet should be selected to match the size of kitchen sink. When the faucet rotates 180 degrees (can rotate 360 ​​degrees), water will not splash outside the kitchen sink.
(Try to align the water outlet with the water outlet of the bowl of sink).

5. Personally like the pull out kitchen faucet. The outlet of kitchen faucet can be pulled out by itself. It is convenient to use water and clean the sinks without any dead corner.

6. For some optional dual-purpose water purification faucets, you need to pay attention to the installation of a water purifier under the kitchen sink. There are two outlets for normal hot and cold water and filtered direct drinking water (the switch can control the outlet type).

7. Touch free sensor faucet or dispenser is also a trend in the future to choose to be kitchen faucet, especially for those who cook regularly, it is much more convient for them to wash hands and food. Cold and hot sensor faucets and 2 in 1 touch free sensor faucet and dispenser are available in Watersino.

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