Basin faucet

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Basin faucet mainly refers to the faucet used on the washstand, sink, mostly used in the bathroom. We can be divided according to the installation method: wall-mounted faucet and sitting faucet, wall-mounted basin faucet: is the faucet that extends from the wall opposite the basin, the water pipes are buried in the wall. This breaks the traditional concept, is now a more fashionable way of design. And sitting basin faucet: refers to the conventional and basin hole butt water pipe, with the basin want to connect the faucet. This is now the most common way of faucet installation. Today we bring you a high quality product, it is our JD-WB1020, a pin grade series, which is hot selling in many countries such as Australia, North America, UK and Europe. It has obtained Watermark, WRAS, CE and CUPC certificates. It is the highest quality of the best components in the world. The main body material is H59 brass. The color can be chrome, matte black, gold, rose gold, etc. for richer color. A good bathroom basin without a matching faucet will not be able to meet our daily washing activities, so the purchase of a basin faucet cannot be sloppy. However, there are more and more types of basin faucets on the market, if you do not know how to buy a basin faucet is good, you may want to consider this, millions of families preferred.
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