How to choose a cost-effective bathroom faucet?


The bathroom faucet is an indispensable building material product in our home life. It has the functions of single cold and hot and cold, and can be used in washing machines, showers, mop pools and other areas. The prices of bathroom faucets of different materials and functions are also different, so how much is the price of bathroom faucets? How to choose a cost-effective bathroom faucet? The following professional bathroom faucet manufacturers, Fuli Sanitary Ware, will answer your questions:

1. Look at the gloss of the electroplating. Check whether the surface gloss of the bathroom faucet is uniform, and the corner joints are round and smooth without burrs. It is light cyan in color and feels very smooth and no traces when touched by hand.
2. Listen to the sound The material of a good bathroom faucet is copper. When tapped by hand, the sound is dull. Some bathroom faucets made of zinc alloy or stainless steel sound crisp when tapped.
3. Weighing weight The main parts of good bathroom faucets are made of copper, which not only has a sense of weight and good quality in the hand. The bathroom faucet made of zinc alloy has a lower density and a light feel.
4. Depending on the material, it is recommended to choose a copper or stainless steel bathroom faucet. The interior of the copper bathroom faucet is yellow, and the zinc alloy bathroom faucet has a dark yellow color with white spots, which is easy to corrode and will be heavy. The human body can cause harm.
Conclusion: The above is the relevant content about the price of the bathroom faucet, I hope it can help you.

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